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volunteering for a better life in Florida 

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Our mission is to present environmental films and educational events that advocate for broadening our knowledge of environmental issues impacting Florida. 

Elizabeth is a third-generation Floridian who grew up tromping through the backwoods and ranchlands of Florida on horseback and navigating Florida’s waters coast-to-coast, boating and free diving in the clear blue waters. She started the Florida Environmental Film Festival when she returned to Sarasota after working in the film industry in Los Angeles and Martha’s Vineyard. She is a founding board member of Martha’s Vineyard Community Television. 


“I grew up when the Gulf of Mexico smelled like an ocean, backwoods waters ran clean and clear, and the sound of sweet wildlife rang in my ears. Coming home, I found worsening conditions of red tide, spills of phosphate, dead fish on the water’s edge, spring waters polluted, our precious ranch lands being sold, our beautiful wildlife starving, with nowhere to go… We are now at a pivotal moment in time in Florida. We are the last generation that can change the damage being done to our great state before it’s too late…


Given my film background, giving back to Florida and what I’ve learned throughout my life made sense. The many newcomers to our state have probably not witnessed the changes in Florida's biodiversity. We need to educate them as well as busy Floridians that call this home. We can do this through the power of films and conversations with speakers, filmmakers, and scientists about our biodiversity, culture, and growing eco-consciousness. With an exchange of ideas from all types of people, we can come to solutions, broaden our knowledge of Florida’s biodiversity, and protect the Florida we all love. And globally, we can help protect the world we love. 


I surround myself with people who are brilliant and passionate about the environment, and I bring them together to collaborate and create synergistic solutions to problems we face. Together, we make things happen. I’m like the wizard of OZ; I’m the person behind the curtain.”

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